WorldMate 2005

WorldMate 2005 (S60) 2.6

The best travel assistant for Series 60 cellphones

Access a rich package of critical travel services. WorldMate takes the stress out of business travel by providing must-have information you need while traveling – from world clocks and weather forecasts to comprehensive flight and travel information. Coupled with a personal itinerary manager, these services answer all your travel questions – when you need answers the most. There's also currency, size and measurement converters, plus many additional utilities to make sure you're on time and on the job!

With WorldMate, you get access to all the tools and information you need while traveling in one award-winning product. No need to buy many different products from various sources. No need to carry books and printouts. With brand-name content from venues like The Weather Channel and OAG WorldWide, you are guaranteed access to top-notch quality information – all packaged in one usable and accessible tool. And, since WorldMate is available on so many mobile platforms, you are guaranteed continuous service even if you decide to switch PDA or phone models.

WorldMate provides you with a perfect environment to plan both the "why" and "how" of your business travel. Use WorldMate Desktop Companion to arrange meetings or import them from Microsoft Outlook. Then plan flights and other travel arrangements and automatically get detailed information about them. Share your itinerary with colleagues using the itinerary exchange feature, or delegate the planning to a secretary or PA who can continue updating you from your home office.

When planning is complete – your itinerary is available on your handheld in WorldMate Professional Edition, and may also be published for your travel companions. All details and all relevant information services are available anytime, anywhere. While traveling – use WorldMate Expense to easily capture your expenses – and when you get back to the office the Desktop Companion will make issuing an expense report a breeze.

Key features of WorldMate 2006 include:

• Comprehensive Flight Schedules
• Travel Itinerary Manager
• World Clocks
• Global Dialing Code Guide
• Global Weather Forecasts
• Global Tax & Tip Calculator
• World Day/Night Map
• Packing List Organizer
• Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Service
• Clothing Size Converter
• Dialing Codes
• Real-Time Flight Status
• Size and Measurement Converter
• Desktop Itinerary Synchronization
• Global Weather Satellite Imagery

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WorldMate 2005


WorldMate 2005 (S60) 2.6